Family Photo Friday


The first Friday of July is here! The year of 2012 is more than half gone. Sure makes you consider how you spend your time, since it goes so quickly and can never be regained!

On Fridays, I post pictures from our week. 

My daughter loves to play dress up. Here she is wearing one of her creative outfits. I get such a kick out of her creativity. I don't recall ever playing dress up as a kid (granted, I had 3 brothers and no sisters so what fun is it play dress up by yourself...) but she loves to come up with unique combinations and do a fashion show for me.

I've been working with my son on some basic preschool concepts like colors and counting and patterns. Here he used red, white and blue shapes to lay out a pattern. Then he laid down to see which was longer - the pattern or him. I think he won, by a toe!

Our good friends John and Kate live in California. They were visiting this week and were able to spend most of the 4th of July with us. It's a joy to see their girls growing up - Abigail is almost 5, Hannah is almost 3 and Joelle just turned 1. This family is such a blessing to us and we thank God for their friendship. 

Happy Friday to you!   


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