4th Grade Box Day


Box Day! 

Box Day is a big deal. It's the day that our next year's homeschool materials arrive in a really big box. It's like Christmas in July... or, May. We get all excited as we pull out stacks and stacks of new books. 

Of course the books look so good that you have to stop and look through each one. My daughter was fascinated with a number of them and spent the next hour reading or looking at pictures. 

Another thing that I love about our curriculum, Sonlight, is that they provide everything we need for an entire school year. Math, science, spelling, history, foreign language, books to read alone and books to read aloud, handwriting... it's all in one place. Many homeschoolers piece together their curriculum, buying math from one place and spelling from another and so on. I love that Sonlight does that work for me. They choose the best of the best and include it one big package. I provide the child and the pencil. Sonlight does the rest and I love that!

Just for fun, here is the link to my post about our first Box Day, one year ago. Last year was our first year with Sonlight, because I was desperate for a better way to homeschool that wouldn't burn me out or kill my daughter's desire to learn. Sonlight has exceeded my expectations. Both my daughter and I are super excited to continue homeschooling, with Sonlight!


Luke said...

Happy Box Day! Thanks so much for sharing so we can join in celebrating with you [smile].


Heather said...

Yay for box day! I just love looking through all the books, and so do my kids. We are really just starting our "official" homeschooling right now with core A, after doing both of the pre-school programs. So far so good!

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