Family Photo Friday


Friday has arrived once again. The month of May is half past and summer seems to have arrived! 

Here are a few photos from our week. 

My son is quite the helper around the house. How thankful I am for him! My kids enjoy the swingset in the backyard. 

Here they are both standing up and swinging as high as they can go! Hold on tight! 

My son (yes, he's wearing an awesome shirt that says COOL LIKE DAD), showing off some of his toys.

My daughter and husband and pet bird Weezy.

The kids have enjoyed having their bikes out more now that the weather has turned beautiful. My daughter loves the new "adult" bike she got for Christmas.

My son is riding the bike with training-wheels like a pro.

Lots of hours were spent outside this week, playing, planting and watering our garden, going for bike rides in their neighborhood, playing with neighbor kids, etc. We're all glad it's summer! 

Happy Friday to you!


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