The Zoo


It was time for a trip to the zoo. 

My friend Leah (my old college roommate) and her kids (Ada, age 5; Gunnar, age 3; Waylon, age 1) and my clan get together about once a month. Sometimes we head her direction and do fun things in her area. And sometimes vice versa. This time she headed my way and we went to the local zoo. 

So we enjoyed our trip to the zoo. We saw the usual lions, tigers, zebras and leopards. Even though we were surrounded by exotic and exciting animals, the favorite part of the zoo for the kids is... the zoo train! 

This zoo is perfect because you can take it all in within the 2 hour time limit of our children. Are your kids like that? After about 2 hours of anything, it's time to move on. 

My daughter is 8 now and is officially not a little kid any more. The zoo doesn't thrill her like it used to, though she is a great helper now as we corral the littler kids. She also helped to pull the wagon (with another child or two in it) most of the time. What a champ!

Just for fun, here is the link to last year's blog post about our annual zoo trip.  I think it's fun to see how the kids have grown from year to year.


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