Field Trip: RV Museum


Elkhart, Indiana is known as the RV capital of the world. One day this week the kids and I went on a field trip to the 

I can't explain it, but my kids have always been fascinated with RVs, motor homes, trailers and what they call "house on wheels." So once I learned about the RV Museum, I knew we'd end up there for a visit soon.

Having never seen the inside of an RV, my kids LOVED the museum. First stop, visit the hot-off-the-assembly-line top-of-the-line 2012 Winnebago Vista! 
Talk about luxury!  There were no other visitors to the museum while we were there, so we pretended to be living in the motor home for a while. Both kids took turns driving. And we closed all the curtains to pretend it was nighttime, figuring out where each family member would sleep. Both kids were convinced we should sell our house to buy the motor home. 

There was also a new pull-behind trailer to look at. Here are the kids on the bed of that trailer.

We did enjoy the walk through RV history, as the museum houses dozens of old style RVs from the 1930s on up. Some of these are roped off and can't be entered, but most were accessible. How fun to see the way things have changed in the RV world, from layouts to decor to size and styles. 

The museum is in a beautiful building. Outside the grounds are also gorgeous, so we stopped by one of the fountains on our way out.   

Overall, a good trip. If nothing else it satisfied my kids' curiosity and allowed us to dream. And sometimes it's good to visit those places that are "in your own backyard" just because they are in your own backyard! But I'd like to think we learned a little along the way as we walked and talked through history.

If you're headed to northern Indiana, stop by for a visit. My kids' only suggestion to make it better: have a few more of those brand new motor homes for us to check out! 


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