On Being a Lumberjack

My son, my son. 

Our next-door neighbors recently had some very big trees taken down in their backyard. My boy loves all things related to construction, demolition or "cutter downers" (as he refers to lumberjacks and tree work). For this project, they had to bring in a large bucket truck, to reach the tall trees.

Our power lines were cut prior to their work, so they could access the trees more easily. We spent almost the entire span of the next 10 hours watching them work (granted, without power our choices were limited, but...). My son was completely captivated and grabbed his toy chain saw to pretend that he was doing the same work on our trees.

What a fun way to spend a day, watching our the landscape change drastically and watching my boy's imagination run wild! 

Yes, that's my boy! 
The cutest cutter-downer lumberjack workerman I know!


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