Review of 3rd grade


It's the end of 3rd grade for my daughter! We school year-round and started 3rd grade late last May. And as of this week, we've completed 180 days of school and all of the coursework for our curriculum!

Just like so many things, it seems like it both flew by and crawled by at the same time!

  Here are a few pictures from our school year. 

Mable painting.
A field trip to a local county park to study edible plants.

 Lots of coloring and drawing, especially with all of those American Girl lapbooks she completed this year!

 A first: trip to Chicago to the American Girl store

 Lots of reading. Here it's a science book for school. 

 Another first: roller-skating

 Our grow-some-germs experiment. 
Still a bit grossed out by that one!

 A science project, weighing bean sprouts.

Trip to the beach last summer - yes, even this can be educational! 

 A craft project at Easter time.


 Visiting Clifford at the local library.

I can't believe this was only a year ago - she looks so much younger! Playing outside with sand and dirt.

Field trip to House on the Rock in Wisconsin last summer.


With a frog in our yard. 

A favorite place to read - on the swing.

More reading. She is a bookworm! 

My, how she's grown in just one year! It's so fun to look back and see the ways she's growing up physically but also to know all that she's learned this year - learning about the Revolutionary War and understanding both sides of that conflict, learning multiplication facts and how to make change with money, studying how plants grow, learning to write in cursive. What a privilege to learn right alongside of her and be the one to introduce her to new people, places and ideas!

Congratulations, young lady, on finishing up our best homeschool year yet! I can't wait to see what 4th grade has in store!


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