A New View of Mother's Day


Mother's Day 2012 was a bit of a blur for me. 

My daughter and I were camping from Friday night until early Sunday morning. My husband and son arrived at camp to pick us up at 8:00 am. We packed up and said good bye, heading out of camp by 8:30. Then we were home for about 1 hour - to shower and clean up for church. Then off to church and back home for a quick lunch. Nap time was a must for all of us! So it was mid-afternoon before I was in any state to really enjoy Mother's Day :-)

My husband had a bouquet of spring flowers welcoming me back from camping. 
My daughter had made a few crafty gifts for me. 

And my son had a huge hug and a heart-felt "You're the best Mom I ever had!" to share with me.  

A few years ago, if I'd been gone camping with my daughter for the weekend, I would've had a long list of expectations when we arrived back home. I would've expected my husband to have done everything I would normally do - do dishes, clean up the kitchen, do a load or two of laundry, pick up toys, vacuum, etc. In reality, he had done very little of that. He had tried to make the weekend special for my son, as he enjoyed his time with just Dad. The house was a bit of a disaster zone. But you know what? I was ok with that. Do you know what that disaster zone said to me on this Mother's Day? It spoke volumes and said clearly: You are needed, Mom! 

My husband can do the best he can do (and he does!) 
but he can't replace Mom. 
I am needed at my house. 
I am needed in my family. 
Just like I tell each of my children, each of us has a unique place in our family's life. Without any one of us, things would be drastically different. We need each other. And this year on Mother's Day, I truly felt that. 

One more reflection on Mother's Day 2012. I have 2 more children this year than I did last Mother's Day. Since I'd been busy with camping all weekend, I hadn't really prepared myself or considered that Mother's Day might be emotional. It hit me at church as we were singing. 
This Mother's Day is different for me. 
In the last year, I've been pregnant twice. 
In the last year, I've buried two babies. 
Being a mom is a privilege. How I don't want to take even one day for granted! How I know that God wants to do a work in my heart to make me more like Him, which would make me a better mother. I've grown a lot in the last year - despite the circumstances, through the circumstances, maybe because of the circumstances. Although I have a long way to go, I have grown as a mom. Parenting is a sanctifying process. This Mother's Day, I'm thankful for the privilege.


Bruce Runnels said...

When your not home, the wheels fall off the wagon and the boys are left scratching our heads in bewilderment...we lose our bearings - our sense of routine, chivalry, and refinement. When you arrived home, you saw your lovely, beautified home half-morphed into a disheveled man cave. So yes, you've been called and kept in our family by the Lord design, and treasure you dearly, both as wife and mother.

-your guy-brarian husband

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