A Visit to Wisconsin


We've spent most of the last week visiting my family in Wisconsin. It's a 6-7 hour drive from our house to my mother's house, where we stay when we visit. The kids traveled very well... I think I could even say we all enjoyed the ride. My daughter counted trains, planes and windmills - the three big things that we treat as landmarks as we pass from here to there. We were able to spend time with our extended family, as well as just relax since this was considered a "vacation."

My mother made pancakes for breakfast one morning. My daughter said she could eat 7 of them. Though once the stack was put before her, she wasn't so sure - as you can see from her face in this picture.

My son waving and blowing a kiss from Grandma's front bench swing.

My daughter enjoying my mom's new pool - the most exciting part of the visit, according to my kids!

Tomorrow I'll share about a field trip we went on during our time in Wisconsin.


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