Family Photo Friday


Friday. Finally Friday. This was one long week!
But Friday has arrived and here are some family photos for this Friday.

This is my son working on his painted rock project for the upcoming county fair. He has 4 painted rocks in this picture - one orange, one blue, one yellow and the green one he's working on. My daughter, showing off a 50-vehicle line waiting at the bank drive-through... for pretend. Note to self: you know you have too many toys when you have 50 vehicles to line up like this, going right out the door of the bedroom. My husband and son, guitar heroes that they are! My boy really likes music, whether plunking on the piano or strumming the guitar. He's got an ear for it.

We've had raccoon drama at our house recently. In previous year's we've had raccoon families living in our chimney. Not this year - my husband capped the chimney off. So now the raccoon family lives in the tree in the backyard, just about eye-level, in this hole in the tree. We've witnessed the mama coon carrying her babies up the tree (by biting them on the neck). We've witnessed a baby coon fall out of the tree. Then we witnessed the mama coon move the babies back to this hole, deciding that further up in the tree leaves is too dangerous apparently. So each evening at twilight, we see these little coon eyes peek out of the hole in the tree. Makes me a bit nervous... since the coon drama all took place in broad daylight and since my children play outside a lot, including our backyard area under this very tree. What to do about the coons?

Well, happy Friday to one and all!
This month is zooming by, so seize the day, my friends!


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