Family Photo Friday


Friday has arrived once again.
I want to share these pictures from our week with you.

My daughter and husband spotted a white tree frog in our yard (I had no idea we had these around northern Indiana - or maybe this guy had simply hopped a long way from the tropics).

Hop on Pop, at its best! My son likes to attack his daddy when he walks in the door!
Thanks to my mother-in-law, we received a new-to-us couch this week! The price was right (free) and delivery was superb (free, thanks to a brother-in-law with a truck). This is a BIG improvement over the previous couch!

My daughter continues to loose teeth every few weeks. Last night her 5th tooth came out. She's so excited! She is growing up, that's for sure. She'll turn 8 this summer!! How can that be?!

Happy weekending!


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