Book of Stories, Book of Wisdom


The Bible.

I find that since my children are young we treat the Bible almost more like a storybook than anything else.

Stories of floods, of seas parting, of men facing certain death with lions or fiery furnaces and yet surviving by the grace of God.

I'm all for teaching our children the stories of the Bible. The stories are important and teach truths about God and about history. So don't get me wrong - I like the stories!

However, I have been wondering if we do a dis-service to our children if we leave the impression that the Bible is ONLY a storybook.

The Bible is so much more. It is so full of wisdom, of poetry, of godly instruction. For my children to think it's only a fun book full of miraculous tales leaves out so much more of what they could learn from the pages of Scripture.

Storybook or answer book. Miraculous tales of long ago or truths for living victoriously today. Book of stories or Book of wisdom. The truth is that the Bible is both... and so much more!

I encourage you to dig into God's Word today and see what He has for you! I will be doing the same... and trying to show my children the richness of His Word.


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