Works for Me Wednesday - Valentine's Wreath

I was recently inspired by some other blogger's Valentine's wreaths, so I attempted a basic "rag" version of my own. I was very pleased with how it turned out.

Step 1: Find a wire hanger and bend it into a circle shape (or heart-shape). I kept the hook at the top for hanging the wreath, but that you could use wire-cutters to remove it if you'd rather hang it another way.

Step 2: Choose colors of fabric to use for your rags. I chose colors that could make the wreath versatile - plain red, plain white and red-and-white stripes. This wreath could be used for Valentine's Day as is, Christmas with a green bow on it, or Independence Day with a blue bow on it. Love that!

The fabrics were left-overs my mother-in-law was getting rid of so the cost to me was zilch. I spent maybe 2 hours on this project from start to finish, including time my kids were "helping."

Step 3: Cut strips out of the fabric. We cut strips of fabric about 1 inch wide by 5 inches long, but the size is totally dependent on how you want it to look. So test a few sizes and see what you like best.

Step 4: Tie the fabric strips onto the hanger in a basic pattern. I tied just one knot, but you could double-knot if you have longer strips and want them more secure. Keep pushing them closer together, making them tighter. In the end, none of the hanger should be showing.

Step 5: Hang up and enjoy your wreath!

To see some other Valentine's wreaths, there is one here and another one here.


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