Family Photo Friday


Friday is here again. Here are some photos from our week.

My kids making homemade tortillas. This was a project in my daughter's geography workbook. So I let the kids tackle it together. They did well... and made a big mess, of course. It seems that at least once a week we have a "baking lesson" that turns the kitchen into a floury disaster area. But I do want my kids to be comfortable in the domain of the kitchen, so we deal with the messes.

Grandma K sent a Valentine's package to us this week (thanks, Mom). Despite all the goodies, my son was fascinated with the bubble wrap. After popping every last bubble, he used the wrap as a blanket and insisted "Take picture, Mom!"

My husband spent some time this week working on a project. My son is daddy's little helper, so here they are together in the workshop with their project and their tools.

My son was all dressed up for church last Sunday, wearing this little sports coat and looking adorable. This was the best picture we could get... and we tried a dozen times!

Happy Friday to all!


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