Works for Me Wednesday - Rainbow Pancakes


Where have I been... having just heard of the idea of rainbow pancakes just last week?! Well, at least I'm informed now and have a fun new breakfast idea up my sleeve!

My kids loved these. Of course, I used the same old usual recipe for homemade pancakes that I always use. Yet those drops of food coloring turned an ordinary breakfast into "Wow! Can we do this every day for breakfast?"

There is nothing to it - just your usual pancake batter divided into a few bowls. Add whatever food coloring you'd like and make the pancakes as usual. This idea could be adapted for Valentine's Day (think red or pink, maybe even heart-shaped) or any other holiday or celebration. The possibilities really are endless!

I got the idea for these pancakes here. And fully agree that this is a fun and easy way to brighten up a dark, dreary winter day.

Works for Me!


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