Family Photo Friday


Friday is here once again.
It's the last Friday of February - 2 months of 2011 are already history! As I always do on Fridays, I'm sharing a few photos from our week.

My daughter has become quite the fashionista, picking out her own clothes and coming up with some unique combinations. Maybe I could do a future post highlighting her outfits... hmmm. Anyway, this was one of this week's picks - long sleeved white shirt, short-sleeved green shirt over top, black pants, brown and pink striped socks. Beautiful!

We have a pet parakeet named Weezy. My kids like to get Weezy out of her cage every few days for some exercise. At first I thought this might give the bird a heart attack, but she's come to enjoy it. She often perches up high on the top of the hutch or on a curtain rod and will stay there until we come to her rescue. The best way for me (at exactly 5 feet 2 inches) to get her off a high place is with a fly swatter. No, not swatting at her but using the long handle to reach up high and she'll jump onto it like a perch. Then I lower her down and walk her back to her cage. That is the story behind this picture which I like to call bird on a stick! :-)

My adorable son, sitting in my chair at the table - pulling my coat hood over his head and wrapping my scarf around his cold feet. Too cute.

Happy Friday to you!

We have a busy weekend planned - I'll say more about it next week and have some special pictures to share!


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