Seasons of Life


I've been thinking a lot about seasons lately. The changing seasons. Each so beautiful, each so unique. How God timed the seasons so perfectly - a few months of one thing and our human tendency is to get bored with it and want to have something new.

This led me to ponder the seasons of life, especially with children. During their early years, our children are constantly growing, changing, moving from one season to another. From a season of newborn stillness to a season of movement with crawling and walking. From a season of silence into a season of talking. Seasons of fast physical growth and seasons of slower physical growth while they grow in other ways.

Constantly changing.

The last few months have felt like changing seasons to me. Last summer was a season of busyness. Last fall was a season of preparation, as we delved back into homeschooling and preparing for foster parenting. This winter has felt like a season of renewal - lots of time spent indoors, refocusing time and attention on family. It has felt like a season of waiting, of anticipation as we wait for our next fostering opportunity. It feels much like waiting for spring, waiting for what we know is coming, waiting for what God has planned and in some ways wishing it were here already. Like spring's arrival, we know it's coming but we don't know exactly when it will arrive. Sooner. Later. We wait. And we use the waiting time to be strengthened, to be rejuvenated.

I thank the Lord for the changing seasons - the beauty and uniqueness of each one.


Anonymous said...

No matter what it is? everything is subject to change! The only thing that doesn't change is "CHANGE".

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