Homeschool: Fire Station Field Trip


Last week we enjoyed a field trip to a nearby fire station. Almost annually we've visited fire stations in our area. But this recent tour was the best one yet, organized by a local homeschooling group.

We saw not only the firefighter's living quarters and the fire trucks, but also a rescue boat, a special truck with rescue tools and a special truck with haz mat clean up supplies.
Of course, the kids were able to climb up into the trucks.
My daughter was even able to get her hands on the fire hose!
We also saw about 20 new recruits, still in their fire fighter training classes, get fully dressed in their turn-out gear in under 1 minute and 30 seconds!

This was a great field trip! We learned new things about the work of firemen. And my kids and I spent some time later that day thanking God for our local firemen and the important work they do.


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