Works for Me Wednesday - Table Runners

I'll admit up front that this idea came from my mother. A few years ago she made a set of table runners for me and my sisters-in-law as Christmas gifts! The idea is so simple and the runners very versatile.

She simply made table runners all the same size, using different patterned fabric for different seasons/holidays. Each one is reversible.

Let me show you what I'm talking about:

One side of one runner, with 4th of July theme

The other side of the same runner, with a fall look.

Here are pictures of the others, so you can see the themed patterns. But these are simply ideas - you could make these out of any pattern, color or style of fabric.

Ladybug / Summer theme

Birthday or "just for fun" theme



Hearts / Valentine theme

A simple way to decorate for numerous seasons or holidays and a creative gift idea...

Works for me!


~Sara said...

Love this. My sister did this for me. One side was Thanksgiving, the other Christmas. Then she made another for me the next year. One side was St. Patrick's, the other Easter!

phasejumper said...

Great idea...too bad I HATE sewing machines (as soon as I touch one, they break down!) I think I'll put this on my own Christmas list! (found your blog through WFMW and visited because it had Indiana in the title!)

Lydia said...

Love them! What a good idea...

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