Family Photo Friday

Friday, December 11th - just 2 weeks until Christmas! Wow!

Fridays around here mean the posting of family photos. Here are a few of the best pictures of our week... and what a week it was!
Since my son received a set of building blocks for his birthday last week, my kids have been in building mode. Here my son had "stolen" 3 erasers that his sister was using for school work and he then stacked them up to make a tower in the living room. He's all about building these days!

But my daughter too is in on this fun - many wonderful towers were created this week!

This picture was classic behavior for my son. I planned to do a craft with my daughter so I had my hot glue gun out (not plugged in). My son found, took it and wandered the house looking for something to do with it. He found a small bead near our Christmas tree that had fallen off a homemade ornament. He proceeded to try to glue it to the carpet, over and over again. Anything that looks like a tool is a magnet for my son!

Happy Friday to you!


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