Family Photo Friday

It is the little moments during our days that make up our years and our lives. Here are some snapshots into my life this week.

My husband took this picture of my son and me playing the piano. I am not a great pianist, but I sure do love to play Christmas carols. My son enjoys plunking away with me and singing his little heart out. The way he says "Jee-tuh" for Jesus is sweetness to my soul.

Here's my daughter peeking out a hole in a box she decorated as a little house. She loves to color and draw these days.

Here's my son, who hopped into a laundry basket. He's all smiles.


Lastly, my daughter - the big 6 year old. She amazes me with the things she says and does.

Happy Friday, everyone! We're hoping for the first snow of the season to fall this weekend and make for some snow fun. Whatever your weather, make your weekend a good one!


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