Works for Me Wednesday - Familyman

I am not a man. But my husband is :-) and he is a big fan of Todd Wilson, aka The Family Man!

Not only is Todd from Indiana (woo-woo), but he is a homeschooling dad who travels across the country speaking to homeschoolers about real-life challenges... and he takes his family with him when he travels - packing his wife and 8 kids in the RV and doing a serious road trip! Todd publishes a weekly "You Da Dad" e-newsletter that is very real, very relevant to any dad trying to make a real difference in the lives of his children.
Well, The Family Man has many products available to purchase. TO BETHLEHEM is a Christmas board game all family members can enjoy. We received the game last year as a Christmas gift. Didn't play it until the last few weeks. My 6-year-old daughter wants to play it every night now. Very fun. Very easy for even young children to understand. And this game will get you talking about the meaning of Christmas, as well as Christmas memories. Almost guaranteed that you'll learn something new about your family as you play this game together!

Last year a few days after Christmas, The Family Man had his Christmas craft kit on sale for a crazy low price so I bought one and stashed it away. Pulled that out this week and again, my daughter is loving the simple and fun Christmas crafts! Here she is with one finished product:

I am not being paid in any way, shape or form by The Family Man for this plug. We simply have enjoyed these products and enjoy Todd Wilson's encouragement... and thought you might too.

Works for me!


Wanda said...

Love hearing something cool about Indiana people!
I live in Southern Indiana (North Vernon) and love it.
Great post!

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