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It's been a while since I've posted about books we've been reading. This certainly IS NOT because we haven't been reading. Since we're using Sonlight as our homeschool curriculum, we do lots of reading every day. My daughter has books she reads herself each day (referred to as "readers") and there are also books I read outloud to her (referred to as "read alouds"). There are days that the sections are rather lengthy, even making my voice give out! But we love the books we've been able to read this year. Someone recently asked my daughter what book is her favorite. She couldn't come up with one and responded "All of them!" I agree. They are all so good and we've enjoyed each one, for different reasons. But I'll try to list the best of the best here.

Tolliver's Secret by Esther Wood Brady is a simple story about a spy for George Washington's army who ends up wounded and can't deliver his important message. His grand-daughter, Ellen Tolliver, is sent to deliver it in his stead. Through incredible delays and set-backs (including getting mixed up with a boatload of Redcoats) she keeps on until she finally delivers the message into the right hands. This young lady is a great example of perseverance and bravery and courage. One of the follow-up assignments for this book was for my daughter to write a speech for George Washington to deliver, thanking Ellen Tolliver for her heroism. This book was my favorite of all of them this year.


Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes was a definite favorite from our reading list this year. Johnny is a young silversmith apprentice who has every reason to be bitter at an accident that changes everything. But before long he finds himself involved with Paul Revere and all of the happenings of the Revolutionary War. This book is exciting with twists and turns that keep you from putting it down. And the best part is that you are learning about history as you go! My daughter says this is her #1 pick of best books from 3rd grade.

The Journeyman by Elizabeth Yates We just finished this one recently. The main character, Jared Austin, is a creative young man who becomes a journeyman painter (a traveling painter, back in the 1800s). My daughter enjoyed the book because she enjoys art and has her own creative bent. I liked it because it taught underlying lessons in perseverance, hard work, dealing with difficulties in life, and responding to gossip in a godly way... and the happy ending.Carry on, Mr. Bowditch by Jean Lee Latham was another favorite. While the characters of the other books I've listed were fictitious, the main character in this book, Nathaniel Bowditch, really lived and took part in America's history. I knew nothing of him prior to reading this book. I learned a lot - about seafaring and navigation. The book does a great job telling the story but also showing the reader just how important math (and precision) are in real life. To many mariners, it meant life or death, back before GPS was available.

We are about 20 days from finishing 3rd grade. We're already excited about what new books we'll get to enjoy for 4th grade!


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