My Mom's Visit


My mom visited us over the weekend. She usually comes once a year for a long weekend. Last year it was Mother's Day. This year it was Easter.

The kids adore Grandma. They fought over whose room Grandma would sleep in. They fought over who would sit next to Grandma at the dinner table. They love Grandma.

We ate good food, went for walks, sat in the backyard chatting, ate more good food, enjoyed a special Easter service at church, and stayed up late. So we did all those things that make for a good visit!
My daughter enjoyed playing a few different board games with Grandma, who is always a good sport.

My mother reads children's books like a pro and the kids love to climb up on her lap with any good rhyming Dr.Seuss-type book. [PS: If you haven't read The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories then you are missing out! We thought a few of these shorter Seuss stories were some of the best yet... and we are near experts on Seuss!]

Thanks for taking the time to visit, Mom! I love you!


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