Making Easter Special


It's Holy Week, so we've been doing a few special things as we consider the death and resurrection of Christ.

For my daughter's daily Bible study, I've written out some lessons that focus on the last few days of Jesus' earthly life. This has been helpful for me and for her, as we read the Bible passages dealing with the triumphal entry, the last supper, praying in the garden of Gethsemane, the crucifixion and the resurrection. It seems that the more familiar we are with these Bible stories, the harder it is for us to see how extraordinary they really are!

The kids have also done a few special crafts, like making palm branches and making these stained glass crosses. Such a simple idea, but very pretty.

My mom is coming to visit this weekend, which is special. And there will be a family dinner on Sunday afternoon.

Easter is such a glorious time of the year, celebrating new life and hope after the grave. Celebrate Jesus!


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