Ag Days


Last weekend we made it to our local Ag Days event. This is one of the kids' favorite events of the year... and it's free to boot! I love that it can count as a field trip and we spend enough time there to ask questions and learn things as we go. Having grown up on a farm and yet now living in suburbia, this is as close as my kids currently can get to farm animals and farm life. Pretending to drive tractors. Pretending to ride horses or calves. Seeing cows and calves. Petting precious lambs. And petting crazy poodles like this one, who was incredibly soft. Touching a large turkey was a highlight for my daughter, as well as watching pet rabbits do tricks (like jumping over low hurdles). My son loved being up on the tractors, eating the free cookie, and touching the soft bunnies.

Hooray for Ag Days!


marineof2 said...

Lily went there on a field trip last week also :) She really liked it and told me ALL about it when she got home! :)

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