Girl Scouts: Powder Puff Derby


Last Saturday my daughter and I attended our first ever Girl Scout's Powder Puff Derby. This is the equivalent of the Boy Scout's Pinewood Derby, where the kids race cars they made (from a kit).
My daughter did not make a car to race. Anything that involves competition, she wants nothing to do with. She would like to make a car, but not to race, just to enjoy and play with at home.

So we attended the event to see what it's all about, to help out behind the scenes and to cheer on the girls from our troop who were racing. There were crafts and face painting to help pass the time, as all 65 cars were raced at least 10 times each.
I was encouraged to see so many moms AND DADS there with their daughters. At most Girl Scout events, girls are accompanied by their mothers (or dropped off and accompanied by nobody). This type of event brought out the dads as well and that is a positive thing.

Win or lose, I think this was a good experience for everyone involved!


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