Little Boy Quotes


I love the cute things my 4-year-old boy says these days. Though he's quite shy in public, at home he battles with his very-talkative sister to be heard.

Last night when I was putting him to bed, we re-read the birth of Jesus in our Bible storybook. I asked him "Would you like to have been born in a barn or to live in a barn?" He said "No, but Daddy would! He told me so last night!" Okey dokey.

Getting into the car to leave with Daddy, while I stayed home, my son says "Mom, take care of yourself!"

Recently I pointed out the new buds on the trees and how pretty green they look now. He excitedly replied, "Yahoo! We have the baby leaves now! Yeah!"

After eating some chocolate and then grabbing some grapes to eat, my smart boy told me "Mom, I have the chocolate germs in my mouth. I think this grape will taste bad now."

Big sister had slept in late and when she finally joined the rest of the family at the breakfast table, little brother tells her "Welcome to the party!"

When cuddling with Daddy, I asked him "Do you love your daddy?"
Son: "Yes."
Me: "I love him too."
Son: "But I want to keep him!"

My son got a new toothbrush. It has "Snooby" and "Woodstop" on it.

Tucking my son in one night, he told me he loved me. I told him I loved him too, very much. He replied, "You have to love me very much. That's why you're the owner." Owner? Where did he come up with that?

Having lost 2 babies in the last year, we talk a lot about heaven at our house. My son is very curious and regularly asks me "How will we get to heaven? Will Jesus fly down to get us or we can drive there in a car? Will he carry me or will I run there?" This led to a discussion about whether there will be cars in heaven. I said I'm not so sure, but there will be streets of gold and a very shiny sea. He then wonders "Are there fish in the water?" Ummm. Maybe. He says "Probably God wants to see some people go fishing there." Maybe, Buddy! Jesus did seem to like hanging out with fishermen!

PS: Here's my organizational system for keeping track of these cute things my kids say or do. Sometimes I will write it on our family calendar - the physical calendar that hangs in the kitchen - noting who said it and when. More often I write it in an email draft that I just keep adding to. I have one with my daughter's name and one with my son's and I just open it and add a sentence or two as life happens. Eventually I print that off and stick it in their baby book / scrapbook. Just recently my daughter was going through her album and laughing at the funny things she said as a toddler. Precious memories... and I know that if I don't write them down, they will be lost forever. So I work diligently to write them down as they happen so we can enjoy them for years to come. I feel the same way about photos - they tell the story of our lives and without them to spark my memory, I know I would forget a large percentage of all that we do with our kids.


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