Works for Me Wednesday - Marble Painting


A few weeks ago I came across the idea for Marble Painting here. I was intrigued and knew that this something my kids should try. I was so right! My kids loved this and I loved that it was less messy than painting with a paintbrush.
And it is oh-so easy!

Step one: Put a piece of white paper or cardstock into an empty oatmeal container.

Step two: Grab a few marbles and some washable paint.

Step three: Paint the marbles - one marble per color.

Step four: Drop painted marble(s) into the oatmeal container. Put lid on. Shake!

Step five: Remove paper and admire your creation!

We tried many things - putting two or three marbles in at a time, various colors or all same color. We tried 6 marbles at once with 6 different colors - that one was my favorite, I think.

This project bumped me up a few notches in my kids' eyes! They kept saying " I love this, Mom!" and asking to do it again and again and again. And our time ended with "Thank you, Mom! That was SO fun!"

Marble painting as a simple art project for kids - works for me!


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