Family Photo Friday


It is Friday once again. I must say that this week was a long one for me - busy with extra activities but also my son is battling an ear infection so we've had some long, sleepless nights.

However, here are a few photos from our week.

This is my daughter standing by some of our radish experiments - a school science project. We have radishes in different environments (with vinegar, salt water or regular water to see which grow best), radishes in small foil planters (seeing how they bend towards the sunlight, how they respond to overcrowding, etc), and some radishes growing in the homemade greenhouse (made with a glass jar of water, some paper towels and an empty orange juice box. Lots of fun during this 4-week study... and plenty of learning took place too!

My daughter. She's a gift. :-) And a mighty cute one at that!

My son truly enjoys helping out in the kitchen. Anytime I'm doing dishes, he grabs a stool and works alongside me. This week I was stirring a pot and he brought over a stool to reach up and help. I love his helpfulness... and try my best to encourage it.

Happy Friday to one and all!


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