Works for Me Wednesday - Christmas Card Prayer List


Christmas. In a matter of days it will all be over. Decorations will be taken down and new toys incorporated into the old.

I want to encourage you to keep your Christmas cards around a little bit longer and do something productive with them. Pray!

Each year we put all of our Christmas cards up on a door or a wall for all to see. Who doesn't love receiving Christmas greetings, family pictures and letters of what this year held?!

After Christmas, we take the cards down slowly... one per day, actually. We take one day to pray for that family. We re-read their card or letter and look again at their picture. We consider what needs they have and pray for them.

Last year I added the element of actually sending a hand-written note or letter to each family, telling them that we prayed for them and letting them know that we love and appreciate them. Another idea would be to call them on the day you are praying for them. I heard back from many of them, as they expressed appreciation for this tradition and were blessed by the prayers and notes.

So consider how you can be an encouragement to your loved ones, after the holiday cheer has worn off and the winter doldrums set in. Reconnect. Pray. Thank God for the loved ones He's put into your life.

I posted this idea in early January but wanted to post it again now, to catch you BEFORE you throw all your cards out!


Tristen @ FosterDreams said...

Surfing around the internet for others on the foster care journey, I stumbled upon your blog. This is such a neat idea! Thanks for sharing!

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