Family Photo Friday


It's Friday. And it's December. Another year is drawing to a close.
Who can believe it?!

As always, I have a few photos from our week to share. Why do I share photos each Friday, you may wonder. Good question! I think there are 3 reasons I created Family Photo Friday. First, to share pictures with family and friends, especially those who live far away. Secondly, to provide a glimpse into our daily lives by sharing photos and commentary of what goes on at our house. And my third reason for posting these photos is simply for me - to have a way to chronicle my kids as they grow through their toddler and childhood years. I enjoy looking back at previous posts as much as anyone!

Sorry for the tangent. Now back to this week's photos.

My son was finding creative ways to play with straws and cups (which he had pulled out of my daughter's science curriculum box). The straws made for huge smokestacks on his tractor and the cups fit over the cab. My daughter is doing a 4-week science study/experiment with radish sprouts. You can see some of the tiny sprouts on the table in the bottom right. It's been a lot of fun to plant these, watch them grow in different environments, measure and chart their growth, etc. A neat study that I'm really glad was included with our curriculum.

My son is usually very helpful in the kitchen. One night this week I was coating meat with a flour mixture and he was eager to help. All smiles to be "a cooker." :-)

Dad and shy son putting up a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Small and one ornament. It stayed about 2 minutes before they put the real tree up.

My daughter reading a school book. It's very hard to get pictures of "homeschooling" but this is a pretty typical scene at our house. She's sitting somewhere - floor, couch, kitchen table, recliner - reading. She loves to read and it seems that whatever current book we're reading is her favorite.

Happy Friday to you!


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