Family Photo Friday


Friday is here again. Yippee!

Here are a few photos from our w

We have had absolutely beautiful weather this week, resulting in lots of time spent outside. Here my son and husband were washing our van.

One evening my husband pushed the kiddos in the wheelbarrow, along with a load of leaves. Squeals of childish delight!

My daughter found a creative way to make a bonnet, using an apron. We're talking about life in colonial days as part of our homeschooling these days, so I wasn't too surprised to see her dressing up with a bonnet.

My son posed for this shot with his Lego creation. Legos are quite popular at our house.

Our special hibiscus bloomed again this week, probably fooled by our warm summer-like weather. Lovely to see this in full bloom.

Happy Friday to you!


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