Works for Me Wednesday - Brown Bag Burritos


I've heard before about Brown Bag Burritos. You know, a way to make a super cheap make-ahead lunch that is good for you too.

My husband and I decided recently to give these burritos a try, with a twist. Most recipes call for ground beef, but we made a meatless variety and used beans as the main protein in the meal.

Here's a picture showing the assembly line process.

We spread a layer of beans (refried beans or just mash up cooked black beans) on the tortilla.

Then add a layer of cooked barley (rice would work fine too).

Top that with a heaping spoonful of this mixture: a package of taco seasoning, diced tomatoes, chopped green peppers, chopped onion, a can of corn, a few jalapeno peppers and whatever else we have on hand to throw in this mix ("everything but the kitchen sink").

Sprinkle with shredded cheese.

Wrap in foil and freeze.

When ready to eat, remove foil and heat in microwave for 1 minute.

It's very easy to make 10-20 of these at a time. The ingredients are inexpensive and easy to prepare.
You could customize these with whatever ingredients suit you. And these burritos freeze easily.

My husband has been enjoying these for lunch on the days when there aren't other leftovers to eat. A cheap but filling lunch.

Brown Bag Burritos - they work for me!


'Becca said...

We love homemade frozen burritos! Try these Sweet Potato Burritos--if you like sweet potatoes.

Recently I discovered that the liner bags from boxes of cereal, crackers, etc. are excellent for freezing food. They don't let moisture transfer like foil or waxed paper, they are FREE, and reusing them helps the environment, so it's a win all around! And the big ones are the perfect size to set a burrito in the bottom, fold over, put another burrito, fold, put one in the top, fold, and tape the top shut. When the burritos aren't touching, they can't stick together, so you can defrost one at a time.

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