Deals Around Town


A few deals I've gotten lately.

First, a mailbox freebie - a Swiffer duster and other Swiffer coupons.
Excellent free item!

Last week CVS had a deal on Softsoap. I was able to get 2 bottles of foaming hand soap for less than $2 and earn back $4 in Extra Care Bucks (like a gift card to use at CVS in the future). I liked the deal but I was also excited because I'd recently read here about making your own foaming hand soap and I lacked the special dispenser. So now I've got soap to last a while and a dispenser to make my own soap when these are empty.

And I just bought these 3 items for a total of 50 cents at CVS yesterday, thanks to coupons and deals. I also got back $1 Extra Care Buck to spend at CVS next time. I live very close to numerous CVS stores, so it's not out of my way to shop there and it's easy to take advantage of great deals when they come.

I like deals! :-)


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