Deals Around Town


Deals around town? Yes, there are still some to be had.
Here are some freebies I've picked up lately.

I don't regularly shop at WalMart. I do shop there, though, when I have coupons that paired with their sale prices will result in free items. Everything in this picture was better-than-free after using coupons (meaning that the coupon took off more than the cost of the item, so the overage was applied to other items I was purchasing). 4 free 12-pack razors, 2 Renuzit air fresheners, 2 Covergirl make-up items, 1 travel size Old Spice body wash, and 1 box of Idahoan potatoes. WalMart will also price-match other store prices, so I picked up milk at the lowest local price while I was there.

A blog that I check now and then - - sent me these coupons as a promotional incentive. 5 coupons for free Dole fruit items.

Free helps to stretch our grocery budget. I like free!


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