Children's Reading List:: American Girl Felicity and Lapbook


My daughter has now finished reading about Felicity, the next girl in the American Girl collection. Felicity is the girl who lived during colonial times in America (around 1774). We are learning about this time period in our homeschool history studies.

As we did with the previous American Girl study on Kaya, my daughter made a lapbook for Felicity. A lapbook is a cross between a book report and a character study, but done in a creative format. All of the American Girl lapbook templates we used can be found online for free here.

Here's my daughter with the cover - a picture of Felicity which she drew (and she proudly wrote FELICITY in cursive... she's just learning to write in cursive).

The inside of the lapbook, page 1, showing little tabs to describe who Felicity is, as well as her mother, father, home, horses and favorite things. All of these open up and my daughter has written and/or drawn something about each aspect of Felicity's life.

And page 2 shows a tab on conflict in Felicity's life, what changed in her life through the book series, 4 tabs describing what life was like in 1774 and a map of where Felicity lived (in Virginia colony, which covered way more than simply the current day state of Virginia).

Both my daughter and I learned a lot through this study on colonial days in America. My daughter thought it was so funny that big white wigs were worn by men and women. Learning the difference between the Whigs and the Tories and discussing which side we would've been on was very interesting.

My daughter says she really enjoyed the Felicity study... but she's already itching to move on to the next American Girl - Josefina from New Mexico in the year 1824.


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