Storm Damage

A week ago we had a serious storm go through our area. Not sure if it was officially a tornado, but it definitely an almost-tornado! :-) Wind gusts up to 100 mph. Trees in our neighborhood were uprooted. Power lines were down, some in the streets. A tree fell in our neighbor's backyard and crushed his patio deck, but thankfully missed the rest of his house. The extent of our damage - two broken windows in our sunroom. But we sure had a mess in the yard to clean up the next day!

The storm gave us a natural opportunity to talk about fear with our kids. While huddled in the basement with only a flashlight, we compared things eternal with things temporal. We prayed together. My daughter was very scared and didn't want to pray, but asked if Dad and I would pray. She said "I like hearing you pray" as she shivered in fear.

Our power was out for a day or so due to this storm. The down tree limbs in our backyard severed the line completely, laying it down in our backyard. Having a line on the ground made us a higher priority case and the crews showed up to begin work within 12 hours of our call. In the meantime, we were fine - thanks to my husband's handiwork with the re-wiring project. Switching over to the generator went smoothly, thanks in huge part to my husband's foresight. We had a similarly bad storm last June which resulted in loss of power for 4 days. That's when we purchased a generator. I'm so glad we did. Apparently storms like this are a regular June occurrence. Welcome to the neighborhood!


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