A Post About Me

25.I have 2 adorable children
24.I have been married for 10 years to my wonderful husband.
23.Out of all the jobs I have had being a stay-at-home Mom is the best.
22. I love to read books.
21. My favorite dessert is chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.
20. I met my husband while working at summer camp.
19. My goal for the next few months is to complete the paperwork part of the foster-parenting process.
18. Except for 3 months of my working career, I have always worked for religious non-profit agencies.
17. My husband and I were officially engaged over a campfire.
16.I enjoy connecting with friends on Facebook.
15. I always choose reading a book over seeing the movie.
14.I home schooled my daughter in Kindergarten and 1st Grade and we have started 2nd Grade as of last week.
13. I consider it a duty and a privilege to vote... and I always do.
12. I attend a great church with many others striving to live out their love for the Lord.
11. I hate shopping for myself.
10. We are working on paying off our school loans in the next 5 years - before my hubby's 40th birthday.
9. We live in Indiana, but my heart remains in rural Wisconsin where I grew up.
8.My guilty pleasure is chocolate.
7. I used to be an early riser... not I cherish sleeping in whenever possible.
6.I do not follow any sports whatsoever.
5. I am most happy when I am with my family.
4. I look forward to date nights when my hubby and I enjoy our favorite restaurants.
3. I would love to learn how to quilt or sew.
2. I am a very fast typist.
1. I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ...without Him I am nothing.


Anonymous said...

The way is narrow, the path firm, his love rewarding, his gifts are perfect. You are his perfect gift to me. Love you so much babe.

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