Family Photo Friday

It's that time again - time to post some family pictures for the world to see. It's been over a month since I last posted family shots, so here are a few.

My kids were happy to see each other again, after our trip and their stays with different grandparents. The day after we returned, I shaved my son's head so you can see his super-short summer hair cut here.

My son, the ham. Yogurt on his nose, intentionally. Just to laugh at himself. Such big happy smiles.

My son LOVES babies! While visiting family in Wisconsin a few weeks ago, he was able to hold his newest cousin Titus. He loved it! This week, our church friend Julie and her 7-week-old son Eli came to visit. My son held Eli and was just in heaven. He didn't want to let him go when the time came and he continually was asking to hold him again. He LOVES babies... and I love watching him love babies so much!

We have had some hot summer days lately. My kids have begged me to let them play in the sprinkler and to "get out the pool" (aka a turtle sandbox that we fill with water). Now that my daughter is almost 7, I don't expect much more mileage out of the turtle pool... but she isn't asking for anything else, yet.

I'm enjoying my kids at these stages - lots of laughs and fun times served up on a daily basis!

Happy Friday, one and all!


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