Here are some deals I have taken advantage of recently. In case anyone is still wondering, clipping coupons DOES SAVE MONEY!

For everything in this picture, I paid $9. $6 of that was the pair of shoes for my son. The other $3 went to: 10 free Scotch-Brite sponges, Pull-Up wipes for 64 cents, 2 boxes of Creamette pasta for 62 cents each, KC Masterpiece sauce for 42 cents, 3 large containers of Pampers baby wipes for free, 2 packages of Rolaids for 23 cents each, 1 energy bar for free and tax on all the items.

Sorry for the brightness of this picture... these were free items from CVS last week. Skinny Cow ice cream cups were free after coupon. The Dawn dish soap is often on sale at CVS for 97 cents, which I pair with a 25-cents-off coupon to get it for even less. And then if I have some Extra-Care-Bucks (ECBs - like a CVS gift card to use on future purchases), then I use those to buy the Dawn and it costs me nothing out-of-pocket.

Two Gillette shampoo/body wash bottles for FREE! This is a current CVS deal, so you could take advantage of it until Saturday. Learn how here.

All that to say... there are deals to be had. Go get 'em!


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