Power On!

A few weeks ago my husband tackled our most recent home improvement project - upgrading our electrical breaker box. Whenever he works with electricity, I worry more than when he does any other project (for example, painting a wall seems mighty tame compared to electric shocks!) But, as always, he tackled it like a pro! And he lived to tell about it! :-)

The need for this upgrade was two-fold: first, we needed to create a safe (and up-to-code) way to transfer power to our generator in case of a power outage. This is so that we do not electrocute a lineman working on restoring power lines. Secondly, our old box was full and had no space for more breakers. We needed more space in order to add a few things, like an electric stovetop for the kitchen.

There's a before picture, with the wires disconnected and waiting for the switch over. Would you stick your fingers in there?!? I sure wouldn't!

The final product. A transfer box on the left that can be turned to "Power Source One" or "Off" or "Power Source Two." This makes it impossible to electrocute a lineman when we have our generator running. On the right is the new, bigger breaker box with plenty of room for expansion.

To my husband, I give a hardy pat on the back and a "job well done."

My husband's timing on this project was perfect... because little did we know what was coming down the pike!

To be continued...


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