Works for Me Wednesday - Thankful Tree

We have an annual Thanksgiving tradition that last the entire month of November - a THANKFUL TREE!

On November 1st, we create a tree and 30 leaves (out of colored construction paper). We think of 30 different things we're thankful for and write one item on each leaf. At the beginning of the month, all the leaves start out on the tree. As each day begins, we take a leaf down and thank the Lord for that thing/person that day. The leaf moves to the bottom of the tree. At the end of the month, our thankful tree looks a lot like the real trees outside - bare, with all the leaves on the ground. And we've been thankful for every one!


Anonymous said...

How adorable! I am definitely doing this next year.

I really enjoy your blog. It is so bright and cheerful. :)

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