Bethlehem - Sneak Peaks

It's hard to believe but Christmas is just around the corner. One thing that is a MUST on our list this year is attending a "Journey to Bethlehem" type of event.

In our area, there are some churches that put these on and do a great job at it. Many are free (accepting donations).

When we visited Cabin Days a few weeks ago, my daughter walked away saying "What would be really cool is to be able to see what life was like in Bible times!" I smiled and knew then and there that we would take her on a "Journey to Bethlehem" this year.

So, do some research to find something like this in your area. They often run the first week or two of December, so it's not too early to find out and make plans to attend. Your kids will thank you and you might just find yourself enjoying it as much as they do!


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