Home Makeover: New Carpet

If you have been following along at all with our Home Makeover , you know that one thing that many of the rooms still need is carpet. Our house has hardwood floors throughout but some of them had carpet previously and the carpet padding/glue would not come off the hardwood. So we are opting for carpet.

Yesterday we had a crew from Lowes install new carpet in our living room, hallway, son's room, daughter's room and the upstairs landing. We took advantage of Lowes current $39 installation of any Stainmaster carpet deal.

Here's a good before picture, showing the poor condition of the hardwood floor in the living room.

And here is one living room corner with the carpet installed. A picture doesn't do it justice - not because the carpet is anything super fancy... But previously, your eyes went straight to the floor and its yuckiness when you walked in the front door. Now, wonderful, playfully soft carpet!

My son just wanted to roll around and play on the floor the rest of the day! Hardwood floors sound romantic and elegant. But in my 6 months in this house, full of hardwood floors and no carpet to be found I've learned this: 1) hardwood is extremely hard to keep clean. Even if you clean regularly, you will constantly be seeing more dust bunnies that you missed. 2) kids and hardwood don't mix very well. Kids like to spend time sitting, playing, wrestling, etc. on the floor. Hardwood makes for bumps and bruises. Not to mention that kids like to run and hardwood floors = slippery. I cannot tell you how many times on a daily basis my toddler slips, slides and takes a tumble.

We are keeping the hardwood floor in the dining room and the master bedroom. There is a spare room upstairs that we may carpet at a later date or not. Oh, #3 thing I've learned: hardwood in upstairs room = anyone in downstairs room hears EVERY move anyone upstairs makes!
But for the time being, we are REJOICING over new carpet. One step closer to being able to entertain folks and also to really be able to relax in our own living room!


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