Cost Cutting Tips and Tricks

On Sunday I shared the following info with our church. We're in the middle of a series on Biblical Finances and Sunday's focus was "Living Within Our Means." So these were some of the best cost-cutting tips and tricks I could come up with in a reasonably short list. I am curious, though. What would you add? Or what has worked for you?


  • Shop your store’s sales (look at the weekly ad and buy only when something is on sale, at its lowest price)

  • Clip coupons – if you get a Sunday paper, use the coupon inserts to save money

  • If you have a computer, there are many printable coupons to be found online – especially handy if you don’t get a Sunday paper

  • Also, if you have a computer, you can load e-coupons onto your store’s loyalty card (like your Kroger card) and they will deduct automatically when you buy that product (no need to clip coupons, remember to take them to the store, etc). Visit and and

  • Shop at bakery thrift stores for breads, rolls, buns to spend less than $1 per loaf/package

  • Buy generic products if they are a better deal than the name brand and you don’t notice any taste difference

  • Cut out extras like pop, gum

  • Check out websites like and for store sales, coupon match-ups, and free samples


  • Take supper leftovers for lunch the following day

  • Whenever possible, make meals from scratch. Check out websites like for ideas on feeding your entire family for $5 per meal.

  • Grow your own herbs and vegetables, if you can

  • Jar, can and preserve what you can

  • Make homemade laundry soap and household cleaners


  • Shop for home improvement products at the ReStore for discount prices

  • Buy a programmable thermostat and use it – to prevent heating/cooling your home when you’re not home or are asleep

  • During the winter, turn the heat down and dress in layers


  • Buy what you can at consignment and thrift stores

  • Swap kids clothes with friends who have kids in different sizes than your own


  • Buy books used (but still in good condition) from’s Marketplace

  • Join PaperBack Swap where you can “buy” books for only the cost of shipping


  • Shop around every 1-2 years to make sure you’re getting the best rate on your insurance

  • Raise your deductible (if you have an emergency fund to pay the deductible in case of an emergency – this is what an emergency fund is for)


  • Become a part of the Freecycle network ( to find anything from furniture to clothing to toys to books – all for free

  • Check on for local people selling goods at reduced rates

  • Have a garage sale to sell whatever you can and be intentional about how you spend/save the proceeds

  • Ask for help! Many people are willing to help out a friend in need if only they know that their friend is in need! Speak up!


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