Family Photo Friday

The last Friday of November is here already! Good-bye November! :-) On Fridays I always share some photos from our week, so here are a few of this week's best.

Here is my hubby drawing with my son. Notice the motorcycle - my husband doesn't just draw stick people (like some of us do)... he's really good at art, drawing, and most creative endeavors.

This is my daughter who was playing a card game with her stuffed animals. She posed them and asked me to take the picture. I guess you know you're a blogging Mama when your kids tell you "Mom, put this on your blog!"

Lastly is an appropriate shot of my daughter with black olive fingers. My kids both LOVE black olives. Somehow this is hereditary, being passed down on my husband's side of the family. At all family gatherings, black olives are a must. One year we even stuffed Easter eggs with black olives instead of candy. :-)

Happy holiday weekend!


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