Pregnancy Update: 37 Weeks


Pregnancy Update: 37 Weeks Along

In this picture I'm wearing a "baby shirt" that my hubby made for me with our first baby. Fun memories and always gets my kids' attention when I wear it around the house!

This week's theme has been: heartburn and lots of it! Day and night, no matter what or when I eat or drink. I burp up spicy things and I burp up bland things, like water! 
I'm thankful for TUMS this week! 

There is very little left to do before Inkling arrives. I should put a few final items into my hospital bag. And this week I want to shop for a new diaper bag. I have some friends who are treating me to free babysitting so that I have a few free hours during the day, as well as an evening date set up with my hubby. Whoo hoo! What a blessing! 

So Inkling, we'll be ready whenever you are. 

I have been predicting, however, that I will make it to 41-42 weeks, as I've done with my other pregnancies. My full-term babies tend to not want to come out, until induced. So, I'm not holding my breath for a September baby and am mentally prepared if s/he waits until early October. 


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