Pregnancy Update: 38 Weeks


Pregnancy Update: 38 Weeks Along

Wow! 38 weeks done already. 
Truly, Baby Inkling could join us on this side of the womb any day now. 

I've had some funny conversations with toddler boys this week. One little boy was very serious when he asked me "What chu got in your shirt?" 
I told him there's a baby in there. 
"Show me!" he demands. 
"Hmmm... in a few weeks I will do that."

Another boy (who has a baby sister) told me that he knew there was a baby in there. He asked me how much longer until the baby came out. I told him it'll be soon. He shook his head, affirming "I knew it. I knew it would be soon by looking at your belly." 
He's a smart one! 

My own children are already making plans for another baby, AFTER this one! "It'll be like having triplets if you have another baby right away!" I love their hearts. 

I am still feeling good, though slightly more uncomfortable as the baby has shifted or dropped in the last few days. 

I have purchased the last few things we *needed* for baby. 

We are ready to welcome you with open arms, 
Baby Inkling! 


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