Pregnancy Update: 40 Weeks


So we've made it! 
We're past the 40 week mark now. 

Looks like we'll be inducing labor soon, if baby doesn't come naturally beforehand. Why induce? Due to some risk factors that I have, my midwives don't want me to make it to 41 weeks. So, Baby Inkling, we'll be meeting you very soon. 

 It delights my heart to hear my older children squeal with delight as we pack overnight bags and get the last minutes details ironed out.  

Baby Inkling, we love you and are ready to welcome you with open arms and hearts.

I guess we need to get down to business and settle on some baby names now, ay? :-) 

My next blog post may be a few days in coming, but wait for our big announcement at that time!


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